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I recovered from PCS , here's my story.

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Life after PCS

I’ve covered what happened in as brief as possible a way that you’ll not get bored but can understand the experience i had with PCS. I could have included more. Looking back now over a year onwards it seems like a dream. I view it as 18 months of my life that just disappeared.

I’m trying to get on with life now and it would be easy to blame some of the difficulties i’m having on those two years. It’s also hard to say what would be the case now if i’d never had PCS and just recovered from concussion in a matter of weeks like most people do. I am having a lot of trouble finding work, any work. The poor economic climate is partly responsible, but im sure in such a competitive job market, employers look at my CV and have concerns about me being out of work for so long. They won’t have heard of PCS or understand it. They wont care either, why should they. They just see someone with significant gaps in their employment history and that’s enough to discount me in their task of whittling down 50 CV’s to 5.

I’m still not as fit as i used to be. Hopefully this will come back with time and training.

Financially it cost a lot. I spent money on different things to try and help me recover. I also lost out on having a job and earning money of course. I was very fortunate to have savings but i wish i hadn’t spent them in this way.

For a while after deciding that i was now recovered and free from PCS symptoms i still had a fear that they might return. What if i did something like bang my head and I’m back in the middle of it? This did not happen and i can say that i no longer have that nagging doubt. That said, i still haven’t played football and headed a ball…. just in case.

Read on for my thoughts on what helped me to recover and what didn’t.

How It Began  –  My Worsening Condition  –  Fragile Recovery  –  Life After PCS  –  My Advice

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